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NFMDPA Obstetrics and Gynecology Practice is a unique, traditional women’s health practice with a convenient premium location in the Medical District of Fort Worth, Texas, strategically located close to two major hospitals including Baylor Scott and White All Saints Medical Center–Fort Worth and Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital Fort Worth. Our practice features two experienced practitioners, one physician, Dr. Noushin Firouzbakht and one Nurse Practitioner, Margaret (Maggie) Krenek. 

Dr. Firouzbakht practices and delivers at both of the above major hospitals and shares call with a group of highly-respected, experienced group of physicians at Eight Avenue Obstetrics and Gynecology. (Refer to their website to meet them and learn more about them).  

Dr. Firouzbakht and Maggie understand that each patient is unique and deserves individualized and personalized care. They are prepared to provide the kind of women’s healthcare that is compassionate and second to none. 

Our providers, Maggie and Dr. Firouzbakht, offer women's annual exams and treat a variety of female related issues including but not limited to pelvic pain, painful periods, endometriosis, irregular bleeding, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), fibroids, ovarian cysts, abnormal Pap smears, heavy uterine bleeding, STD testing, women's sexual health, hormone imbalances, menopause symptoms,  hysterectomies and other major gynecological procedures. Our patients can also benefit from comprehensive preconception counseling, basic infertility evaluation and treatment, and in office sonography during their consultation.

Dr. Firouzbakht also offers a variety of office procedures in the convenience of our own exam rooms including colposcopy and LEEP procedures, IUD insertion and other contraception, and other minimally invasive surgeries. diagnostic hysteroscopy,  ablation treatments for heavy periods, and much more. 

The obstetric care is at the heart of our practice with full pregnancy confirmation to prenatal care, including care for many high-risk pregnancies. 

Within our facility we also feature on-site lab tests through PathAdvantage, and ultrasound for Gynecology and level one Obstetrics sonogram, so patients do not have to go to another facility.

Maggie and Dr. Firouzbakht are both currently accepting new patients and welcome them to our "home like practice". 
To experience the warm, coming home like welcoming care that you can only experience at our practice schedule your preventive well-woman exam or an appointment to address symptoms you are experiencing over the phone or online today. Visit our Facebook page and like our page. 


  • "Dr. Firouzbakht is amazing. She was recommended to me and I am so glad that I found her. Dr. Firouzbakht takes her time to explain everything thoroughly. I feel very comfortable asking her any questions or doubts I may have and she doesn't hesitate when answering any questions. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a doctor that will treat them as if they've known each other for a long time. Thank you Dr. Firouzbakht for being so great!"
    Julia S.
  • "I can't say enough good things about Dr. Firouzbakht! She takes care of her patients with her heart and soul. She has taken complete care of me through two pregnancies and listened to every concern I had, every time. Every time someone asks me who I would recommend for an OBGYN, without hesitation, I say, Dr. Noushin Firouzbakht! She's compassionate and empathetic and it really shows when she's with her patients. Best choice of Dr. I've ever made! Love her!"
    Kami S.
  • "I couldn't be more pleased with Dr. Firouzbakht. She is the sweetest person EVER. I love how she interacts with not just me, but she includes my husband and other children as well. She is friendly and your concerns are hers. I suffered two miscarriages back to back and was so scared of losing again. I explained to her what was going on as tears rolled down my face. She grabbed my hands and said, "Don't worry, everything will be fine". She monitored me the first couple of weeks (probably more for me than her) just to ease my feelings. I love her and very grateful for her. Thanks for everything "Doc"!"
    Marcista N.

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